"Everything begins with an idea."

- Earl Nightingale -

We are small team that passionate about game development, especially for HTML5 Games. We pick HTML5 because it's can run on almost all platform with a single codebase. We serve game licensing, customization, custom assets/graphics and develop an exclusive games that fit your needs.
Don't let your idea die and disappear, bring it life with us.

HTML5 Games

We develop HTML5 based games, with various game type. We also make Android games by wrapping our games using Cordova technology.
Our games are played millions times around the world.

Mobile Friendly

All RedFoc games are playable on mobile devices, like Android, iOS or any smartphone with HTML5 support on their browser.
Game code or events are optimized to make game performance as smooth as possible, even on low-end devices.


Find a bug? or get stuck? No problem, we can help you to solve your problem.
We also provide Game customization for our games or work with new game that made with Construct 2/3 and Phaser 3.




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