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Make a 2D Platformer game like Super Mario bross.etc without any coding or programming using Construct 2 game engine.

This tutorial is suitable for beginner as well as Construct 2 user who want to improve their skills. In this tutorial i will teach you how to make a complete Platformer game from scratch.

Make sure you have installed Construct 2, if not, you can get here. if you use Construct 2 Free version, some features like families object, function plugin,etc not available.

This tutorial uses Abstract Platformer sprites by Kenney.

Download Game Assets:
All used game assets on this tutorial (sounds, music, sprites).

Download (Direct download)
Download (Alternative link)

This tutorial is separated into 11-Parts with a total duration of 2 hours 54 minutes.

PART 1 : Beginning

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Table of Contents

  1. Beginning
    • Player movement
    • Player animations (stand, walk, jump, fall, landed)
    • Platformer ground (solid and jump true)
    • Mirror player if move left or right (keyboard)
    • Parallax layer/background
  2. Enemys
    • Enemy movement
    • Enemy animations
    • Creating more ground
    • Player flash if collision with enemy
  3. Game HUD (Player life,heart, score)
    • Mirror enemy
    • Parallax HUD layer
    • Global and instance variable
    • Substact heart/life if player collision with enemy
    • Pickup gem
    • Text using Spritefont+
    • Generate spritefont using GiveYourFontsMono
    • Gameover if heart 0
  4. Player attack (Super Mario style)
    • Player attack with Super Mario style
    • Fade and change dead animation enemy if player attack
    • Bonus gem if enemy dead, with sprite animation
  5. Popup (Gameover and level complete)
    • Visible & invisible layer
    • Level complete if player collision with flag
    • Events group
    • Change player heart to global variable (before instance variable)
    • Restart button with click animation
  6. Collecting keys & Lock the door
    • Collecting keys
    • Keys HUD with animation frame
    • Lock the door if picked keys less than 3
    • Open the door if picked/player keys equal to 3
    • Player win/level complete if player collision with the door if door open
  7. Touch Control
    • Creating touch control
    • Button opacity
    • How to use/create Families object
    • Button/control click scale
    • Both keyboard and touch function
  8. Global layer and Add more levels
    • Create new layout
    • Global layer
    • Create more levels
    • Fix bullet/swimming enemy
    • Families behavior
    • Gameover if player outside layout
    • Add next level button if player win/level complete
    • Invisible next button if gameover
  9. Sound and Music with On/Off button
    • Add or import sound and music
    • Make on/off music or sound button with sprite frame
    • Function (plugin), how to use function to call specific event
    • Detect sound (on or off) using global variable
    • Stop sound
    • Set audio volume in Construct 2
  10. Lock,Unlock Level
    • Lock and Unlock level
    • Layout menu
    • Auto set spritefont+
    • Level variable
  11. WebStorage and LocalStorage
    • WebStorage, this plugin is easy to use, but this plugin is deprecated.
    • LocalStorage, how to use localstorage to save and load levels/variable